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The simplest way to find specific content is to simply search, just press the search icon in the top right of the page and start typing. Easy!

Alternatively, there are a few clever ways to browse blog content:

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You can simply browse articles by date; this is great if you want to browse and just see what the blog is all about. Posts are organised by year and you’ll see the most recent content first.

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Posts are assigned categories and you can browse these to find content. This can help if you’re interested in technical content only, or if you’re looking for general guidance.

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Posts are assigned tags which you can browse. This can help if you’re interested in specific technologies or subjects; you may find this helpful to learn about, say Python, Windows or passwords.

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Why do I blog?

I’ve collected my own notes and resources for years relating to security, coding and technology, but have decided to collate them online; I hope this will help me pass them to new starts at work, students and mentees, friends just looking for advice, or maybe even just for me when I forget something.

That means that if you’re reading this, I’m blogging in the hope that my posts can help you!

What do I write about?

I’ve been reading blogs for as long as I’ve been online and this has taught me that posts must be useful to someone; in my efforts to add value, you’ll see walkthroughs, technology guides, advice, and (hopefully) some guest posts too.

My articles will sometimes be helpful for regular folk’s personal security, sometimes for security professionals, or perhaps they’ll be general discussions and statements into the ether. Who knows what the future will hold?

I want to give you, the reader, value; if you have thoughts, requests or complaints, get in touch via any of the social links on this page and let me know!

What makes you qualified for this?

Nothing! That said, this is my hobby and passion; I live security, tech and problems, so why not try some content and see what I’m about?

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Micro Lab

12 minute read

Building a miniature web hacking lab.

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Mr Robot

24 minute read

Capture The Flag Walkthrough

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