Why am I here?

My name is Sam. I’m a security analyst for money, but I’m writing here because I enjoy playing with technology and this is a place for some of my personal notes and more popular ramblings to live. Every word, opinion, picture and pixel on this site is, of course, my own fault. My content doesn’t represent the views of any organisations (or people, animals or plants) I work for or in any way associate with.

Please enjoy the site, party on and remember to always be excellent to each other.

How can I help you?

I’m always open to new challenges and opportunities; if you have something you think I can help with, why not get in touch?

Blog posts

I hope that you find some useful content in these pages, so if you have any comments or feedback, be sure to follow the social links and let me know! If you want to know something, hit me up and I may be able to write up a post (that’s where most of this started, thanks ‘friends’!).


I mentor people moving into the field of Information Security both formally and informally and take great pleasure in helping others learn and understand technical concepts. This site is designed to help with that to a degree and I’m always happy to add more or different content, or provide individual support if appropriate; if you’re thinking about this, why not get in touch?

Something I haven’t thought of

I’m sure there are things I could help people with that I haven’t thought of; if you know what it is, please, tell me, I’ll try!